Abdelrahman Sawalha

I am an innovative and passionate software developer with a genuine enthusiasm for creating software solutions. With over 6 years of experience in the software development, I am committed to transforming ideas into reality using cutting-edge technologies and best practices in the software development.

My Experience

Technical Leadership

I provide technical leadership and guidance to development teams, ensuring that projects are executed efficiently and according to best practices. I collaborate with stakeholders to define technical strategies, architecture, and solutions that align with business objectives.

Team Collaboration

I work closely with cross-functional teams, including product managers, designers, and quality assurance engineers, to understand requirements and translate them into technical solutions. I foster a collaborative environment, encouraging open communication and knowledge sharing among team members.

Mentoring and Coaching

I mentor and coach junior developers, helping them enhance their technical skills and grow in their careers. I provide guidance on software development best practices, code reviews, and offer constructive feedback to foster continuous improvement.

Quality Assurance

I collaborate with quality assurance teams to establish testing strategies and ensure the delivery of high-quality software. I participate in code reviews, unit testing, and system testing to uphold software quality standards.

Knowledge Sharing

I actively participate in knowledge sharing initiatives such as technical presentations, brown bag sessions, and internal workshops. I document best practices, lessons learned, and create technical documentation to facilitate knowledge transfer within the organization.

Software Development

I am involved in the end-to-end software development process, from design to deployment. I utilize my extensive programming knowledge and experience to write clean, maintainable, and scalable code. I lead by example, adhering to coding standards and promoting good software engineering practices.

System Architecture

I contribute to the design and architecture of software systems, ensuring scalability, reliability, and performance. I evaluate technology options, conduct feasibility studies, and make informed recommendations to support informed decision-making.

Problem Solving and Troubleshooting

I tackle complex technical challenges and troubleshoot issues in software systems. I leverage my deep understanding of software architecture and debugging techniques to identify root causes and implement effective solutions.

Continuous Learning and Research

I stay abreast of emerging technologies, industry trends, and best practices through continuous learning. I conduct research and evaluate new tools, frameworks, and methodologies to improve software development processes and drive innovation.



Global Landing

Developed a single sign-on (SSO) application named "Global Landing" that integrates seamlessly with all applications within the company, that's support two factor auth, captcha, multi security methods.

Core System

Developed a Core System application to manage new projects, user accounts, roles, and permissions within the company's platform. The system allows for the assignment of permissions to users for specific pages and controls. It also synchronizes user data from Active Directory and updates the user list.

Reporting System

Developed a Reporting System application responsible for adding new reports and managing permissions for printing reports. The system includes detailed reports based on user type and permissions.

360 View

Developed a 360 View System responsible for adding dashboards to various systems. The application allows users to choose the display method for the dashboard and operates independently for each system. It displays dashboards to users based on their permissions and allows customization of multiple dashboards according to user group types.

Telecom System

Developed a Telecom system responsible for creating new subscriptions, adding services and packages for users. The project also involved integrating with multiple entities to activate SIM cards, select numbers, and deliver them to users. It included a dashboard for users and an automated call center system for providing support to users.

Dynamic Platform

Developed a Dynamic Platform application that allows users to add pages, controls, and events through a platform. Users can add new pages, link pages together, and create systems dynamically and easily.

Aramex.com and Shopandship.com

Developed the updates and additions made to aramex.com involved enhancing the website's functionality and user experience. This could include adding new features, improving existing ones, optimizing performance, and ensuring the website meets the needs of its users, potentially related to shipping, logistics, or related services.

Smart Extension System

Developed a Smart Extension System , which is responsible for adding farms, managers, and engineers based on regions and areas. It also includes visits to farms to collect information by agricultural engineers. It includes multi types of visits based on the type of farm, the stage of the visit, and its timing. It also includes a reporting system for collecting information.

Zadna Rating

Developed a project that displays a wide range of establishments. The system showcases establishments along with their information and location, in addition to their rating. The rating is based on specific criteria set by the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority.

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